Our People & our Process
Make all the Difference

Our People & our Process
Make all the Difference

Company Overview

Two guys, two cell phones, two computers and infinite inspiration ... those were the makings of Straightline Refrigeration's humble beginnings in 2016. Now with a vast portfolio of custom projects, a strong core of employees and a fully-equipped fabrication shop, Straightline Refrigeration has grown to become a very capable resource for custom industrial refrigeration systems in the ammonia refrigeration business. You can count on Straightline Refrigeration for innovative turnkey solutions including design, engineering, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Straightline Refrigeration

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Headshot of Korry Boisvert, Straightline Refrigerations owner

Korry Boisvert, PE

Director of Sales and Engineering

Korry brings exceptional communication skills and innovative big picture thinking to his role as director of sales and engineering at Straightline Refrigeration. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Korry gained engineering experience on campus before spending years as an engineer at a major industrial refrigeration contractor. Korry now works closely with both clients and his business partner, Nate, to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and according to plan.

Headshot of Nate Luedtke, Straightline Refrigerations owner

Nate Luedtke

Director of Operations

As director of operations, Nate uses his inherent leadership skills and diverse hands-on experience to lead Straightline Refrigeration’s team members in both the shop and field. Joining the industry through a work-study program in high school, Nate's experience in refrigeration dates back to the very beginning of his working career. He spent over 15 years climbing the ladder at a major custom refrigeration corporation fulfilling roles such as field foreman and superintendent before dedicating his skills to running his own business.

Straight-lined Process

Our simplified customer service process is what makes our cooling solutions even cooler. Though every project is unique, we consistently follow the steps outlined below to find an effective solution. And though every project ends with a totally custom solution, they all begin the same way—with a challenge.

  2. Our team collectively brainstorms with dedication to finding a solution.

  4. Our expert engineer drafts preliminary designs.

  6. The customer reviews, then either approves or tweaks design.

  8. Using the approved design, we accumulate cost with the needs and budget in mind.

  9. WORK
  10. The Straightline Refrigeration team begins work to meet the deadline.

  12. We use CAD drawings to illustrate the final product and provide project updates.

  14. To save time on site and maintain schedule, we begin welding in our controlled shop environment.

  16. To limit downtime, we schedule the field install around the plant’s production schedule.

Custom Fabrication made by Straightline Refrigeration

Areas of Expertise

Straightline Refrigerations welder working on a custom fabricated cooling system for dairy project


From reducing CIP times to regulating plant ammonia charge, we understand the vital aspects of working in a dairy facility.

Straightline Refrigeration workers lowering down a large compressor motor onto rooftop with crane

Food Processing

We know that food requires optimal efficiency. We’re dedicated to solving problems with limited plant downtime.

Straightline refrigeration working on a custom rooftop refrigeration installation

Cold Storage

Whether holding, cooling or freezing, we can accurately regulate temperature for the best product outcome.

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